::because the little moments go by too fast::because pictures and memories are meant to be shared::because so many of our family and friends live a little too far away::

Monday, November 3, 2008

Two Little Cowkids

Kassidy insisted on these costumes for them both. She did a pretty good job I think - they are the cutest cowkids I've ever seen!!

I know, the horses need some help with their necks......!

Kassidy and Grandma!! And while we're on the subject of my beautiful mom.....I have some news to share! My dad retires in DECEMBER and my mom retires in FEBRUARY!!!!!! YEA!!!!

We went to the Harvest Gathering at my parents church. ALL kinds of games. Landon's favorite was the coke bottle game....he tried it from far away...Then decided it would be much more efficient if he just walked up and placed the rings on the bottles....They applauded and told him he won!! So he won a 2 liter of coke. :)
He kept saying all night "I DID it! I DID it!!"

And, of course, we ended the night with WAY too much candy....!!!