::because the little moments go by too fast::because pictures and memories are meant to be shared::because so many of our family and friends live a little too far away::

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


i thought for sure i'd be doing a full out photo session on this little guy each day of his little life.

turns out it's a bit harder to do when it's your own baby.

when babe is sleeping and in a deep enough sleep to do a fabulous photo session....you are also wanting to sleep.  or eat.  or shower.  of course, you end up cleaning up after the other two kids instead and never end up eating or sleeping or showering.  and goodness knows you don't want to chance the little babe waking up...cuz you just fed him and you don't really want to feed him again for another hour...at least...so that photo session gets pushed yet another day...sigh.

so little b was 9 days old before his first photo session.  and luckily...still cute and sleepy as can be.  however, i found myself less adventurous with my own babe - because my energy level was less than 1/2 of what it was prior to this new little man's arrival.  but, again, he's stinking cute.  so the turn out is still just as priceless to me as i had hoped it would be.  *love*

so here's little b at a sweet nine days old.  next photo session is at 4 weeks...so enjoy this for now.  :-)