::because the little moments go by too fast::because pictures and memories are meant to be shared::because so many of our family and friends live a little too far away::

Thursday, May 31, 2012


just a few moments to share. 

little snapshots of little b as a one week old.

cannot even begin to put into words how much we love this little dude.

he's perfectly ours. 



So do you know what my dear sister was doing just moments before Little B was born?!?  (I told you in a previous post so here's where we find out if you are really reading them!)  :-)

She was crossing the finish line of her first Marathon!!!  In 4 1/2 hours she completed it, just in time to finish as I pushed this little guy out. 

I was thinking, while in labor, "My sister is running a marathon right now!!!  I'm SO glad I'm not her!!"

She was thinking, while running, "My sister is in labor right now!!  I'm SO glad I'm not her!!!"


Less than 24 hours later she was in the car with my nephews and Mom, driving up to Colorado to meet the new babe. 

LOVE. LOVE. LOVE that my sister, my best friend, was able to come up to be with me in those first few days of B's life.  99.9% sure this is the last baby in our family (b/t her and I) so it was a special moment for our family, and I cannot imagine her not being there when he was super teeny tiny. 

Thank you, my Jenny, for coming to see us so quickly!!  It was a blessing I cannot thank you enough for.  I love you SO much!!!! 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I cannot even imagine how I would have survived the first 10 days at home with my new little man, without my Mom being here to help.  Between 2 kids and their super busy school and Spring schedule, and Greg having to be at class in Golden everyday...it would have been a big mess.  Whatever I needed her to do, she was there to do it with a smile on her face.  Recovery from a third babe was harder than the first two and the timing of school drop off and pick up and after school activities would have been impossible with a nursing newborn's schedule. 


Yea, I'm a grown up now.  I'm even a Mom, just like you.  :-) But I learned once again that I still need you - and I always will.  Having you there for me during that first part of Braydon's life was more important to me than you can imagine.  Not just having you there as an extra hand to help - but having my Mom there to support me, encourage me, ease my tension and fears of yet another new babe to raise...that's what made your time here so special to me. 

But now I'm spoiled.  So come back, please.  :-)

I love you so much, Mom, and am so very grateful for the time I had with you.  July can't come soon enough!

I also have to add that I think you are beautiful.  Inside and out, of course.  But I specifically want to mention the outside part.  I look at pictures of you and I smile - especially this one of you and my little b. 

Random thought --- Kassidy looks like you.  I look like Grandma Billie.  I like that.  :-)

So I guess that was a mess of thoughts.  Just want to make sure you know what I've been thinking about you lately.  :-)

Love you, Mom.  Immensely. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


During his first week at home, Braydon:


I think he enjoyed his first week in this big new world...


After 2 1/2 days in the hospital, we were able to bring our sweet babe home!

He slept all the way home from the hospital, and only stirred a little when greeted by his siblings and his pup. 

Welcome home, Braydon Joshua!!!


Little B was only a few hours old when Kassidy & Landon came to meet him.  It was love at first site for all of them.  Kassidy was especially enamored.  Not being the most affectionate girl ever, I was overwhelmed to see her so very much in love with Braydon.  She wanted not only to hold him the whole time, but when she did hold him she starred at him, strocking his forehead and giving him never ending kisses.  Landon loved his little bro, too, snuggling with him and kissing him (but he was more interested in the view of the helicopter landing out the window).  :-)

Both kids cried when they had to leave the hospital.  Kassidy cried because she didn't want to leave Braydon.  Landon cried because he didn't want to leave me.

l o v e
t h e s e
t h r e e
b a b e s
o f
m i n e...


Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Saturday, April 21st.

2:45am - I wake up.  My water breaks.  I jump out of bed and inform Greg he will not be able to go skiing in a few hours...instead we will be having a baby!

3:15am - Our neighbor and friend comes over to crash on the couch to watch the big kiddos.  We head to the hospital!

3:35am - We arrive at St. Francis.  We get checked in.  I get a bit anxious - hoping the labor doesn't progress as quickly as my friend Staci's 3rd labor did...resulting in a non-epidural delivery (I want the juice!!)

4:00am - 2-3cm dialated (not much change from the dr appt that weds)

5:00am - Contractions pick up.  Epidural ordered early since it's my 3rd baby...no telling how quickly B will drop and want out!

6:00am - Epidural.  Feel a little sad to have had only an hour of painful contractions (gotta do a little wrk, right)?? 

6:30am - Hear lady next door deliver a baby with NO epidural.  Thank God profusely that I already have one!!

8:00am - Braydon decides to fall into a heavy sleep.  Apparently this is not what he should do during active labor.  Nurse pumps me with cold fluids and pokes at my belly to try to wake the little dude up.  It only takes about an hour and he starts kicking.  4cm.

9:00am - Nurse tells us to rest.  Says if he is like most 3rd babies he'll move quick now that he is awake.  Greg naps.  I sit in my bed, giddy as can be, far from able to nap.

9:30am  - Feeling pressure.  Nurse checks.  6cm, and he has completely dropped.

10:30am  Feels like I gotta push.  (I will point out here that this epidural was perfect!!  I felt every contraction, could feel and move both legs, felt the urge to push and could tell when I was pushing effectively, and felt the little guy come out.  But pain?  Nada. Nothing. Ziltch.  It was perfection in a giant needle inserted in my back!). Nurse checks.  10cm and ready to push!

10:35am  I push for one contraction while nurse checks to see if pushing is going to go fast or slow.  She immediately tells me to stop pushing so she can call the Dr in---B is ready to get out!

****Interesting tidbit --- just before I started my first push, down in New Mexico my sister was crossing the finish line of her first marathon!!!*****

10:40am  Pushed through 2 1/2 contractions....

10:47am  Little B was out!!! The sound of his cry made me smile and cry at the same time.  Our baby boy was finally here!!!

Braydon Joshua Steeger
6lbs 8oz



Recovery?  Decent.  Nothing huge - though I'll admit the extra 6 years of 'age' made this recovery seem a little more difficult that the first two babes.  This is true of the weight loss after birth, too..... :-/

So there it is - Braydon's Birth Story.  Our third little miracle is finally in our arms, and we cannot imagine life without him.

"Just when you think you know the expanse of love in your heart...
                             .....something little comes along to remind you just how BIG love really is."

props to daddy for the mad camera skills....i trained him well!!!