::because the little moments go by too fast::because pictures and memories are meant to be shared::because so many of our family and friends live a little too far away::

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Aspens in the Fall....We love Colorado!!

I'm not an expert with landscape photography but I sure had fun playing around this weekend when we drove up near Cripple Creek. Here are a few shots....we're so glad to be back in CO!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Camping with the Heins Family

Top Ten Memories from the Labor Day Camping weekend with our Friends:

10. Greg falling off his bike down a cliff into a stream while paying too much attention to Kristi and Landon than which way his bike is going.

9. Going to bed BOTH nights before 9pm.

8. Kelsey and Kassidy taking several trips to the stream to get water for their town - they are best friends!! They play together SO well.

7. Micah and Landon getting along for almost 5 minutes at a time, more than once! Two 2-year old boys, not the best combo, but they did well playing frisbee and digging, as long as neither one took the other's frisbee or shovel. :)

6. The little girls potty spot...complete with view. Kassidy said (while sitting on the potty) "this is the BEST camping trip EVER." And Kelsey thought it best to be completely nude to use the potty, for big jobs anyhow.

5. Climbing to the top of Mt Herman - both little girls did AWESOME! Little boys made it, too, with a little help. :)

4. Smores. As Kelsey said, "You can only do 'snores' when it's very dark!"

3. Cookie dough.

2. Cookie dough ON smores.

1. Cookie dough in a pudgy pie maker. This moment in itself convinced Brian he needs a pudgy pie maker.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

When will I be big like you guys?

I asked her to show the flowers to the camera for a picture, so we could remember the lilies in our front yard. This is the pose she gave me! That's my girl, my little model. She starts her first day of preschool at St Peters, tomorrow, and she's really excited. She has been asking so many questions lately about when she grows up. Her last one was "mommy, when will I get to be grown up and have little children of my own?" AHHHH!!!!! I told her when she's much, much older. She said "When I'm 16?" AHHHHHH!!! I said absolutely not! I told her when she's 25 and married. :)