::because the little moments go by too fast::because pictures and memories are meant to be shared::because so many of our family and friends live a little too far away::

Thursday, February 24, 2011


angel kisses.
whatever they might be called,
i love them.
my little man has just one. one single freckle. it's on his toe...and then there's my girl. with a beautiful splash of them across her face.....
she doesn't like them. she asks me to photoshop them out when she sees me working on pictures. (and NO, i most certainly never do!)
this breaks my heart - my gosh it breaks my heart. i tell her over & over again how much i love them. people are starting to comment on them almost as often as they comment on her gorgeous natural curls. (she doesn't like those either).
it's funny how self critiquing can start so early. and if it's already this profound - what will her teenage years look like? ugh.
so i worry about her. i get annoyed that she's so concerned already about her outward appearance, about what other people will think. i am sad for her that she actually feels 'ugly' because of them. (her words, not mine). i worry she'll spend way too much time worrying about what other people think of her....i worry that i worry too much....
and then i take a step back, and i pray.
i pray that our daily reminders to her that her beauty comes from within will help her to avoid putting so much worth on her outward appearance.
i pray that God would show her what He sees when He looks at her. that she would know that He placed each one of those freckles on her face, curled each little curl, aligned each little tooth, and made her just the right height.....and that He made her in His image....and that there is absolutely nothing more beautiful than what God has made.
i pray that she feels beautiful.
inside and out.
and more than just a wordly beautiful.
but a beautiful that can come only from her creator.

"He has made everything beautiful in it's time."
Ecclesiastes 3:11

Thursday, February 10, 2011

happy v-day

this picture is almost as cute as the moment that took place just before taking it.
me+ a (washable) red marker + the bottom of two kiddo's feet = lots and lots of giggles.
apparently the bottom's of their feet are very, very ticklish.
to all our friends and family who are close and far away,
happy valentines day!


Saturday, February 5, 2011

buh bye first baby tooth!

speaking of kiddos growing up too quickly...

my baby girl lost her first tooth last night!

she was chewing gum in the back seat of the van on our way to a daisies event and she said "uh, mom? my tooth fell out, it's in my hand!" :-)

she is the last of all her friends to lose their first tooth. in fact most of them are on their 3rd or 4th wiggly tooth. and as you can tell by the adult tooth that has almost fully taken it's place, this tooth had been loose for about 6 months. in fact, a few days ago the dentist told us if it isn't out in a few weeks, he'd have to take it out for her. he said that shouldn't be a problem, since all she'll have to do is sneeze hard and the thing should fall out. :-) she's not the type to pull a tooth out - she let it hang by a thread forever! her goal was to make sure it didn't bleed. i guess she heard me tell someone if you let the tooth fall out when it's ready and don't force it, it won't bleed. that's my girl!

so here's the little miss with her first tooth all gone. normally pictures of kid's teeth creep me out but she's my daughter so i love 'em. :-) sorry if you don't. :-) hehe.

Friday, February 4, 2011

stay this little, please

looking back over the old posts on this blog have me feeling a little, well, sad.
not that i don't love where we are now.
i love the freedom that comes with having "older" kiddos.
i love sleeping through the night.
i love conversations about real life stuff.
i love watching them grow into a young lady and a young man.
but amidst a busy school/dance/gymnastics/piano/soccer/daisies schedule
i get a little sad.
just a little sad that the 'little' years are going by so quickly.
but since this is the season God has us in at this time, i'm gonna love every minute of it.
and i do. :-)
the dancing. the laughter. the pretending. losing most races of Mario Kart to my 4 year old boy. playing veterinarian with my girl. tickling my little man without even touching him when ginourmous laughter erupts. having a fashion show with my girl. the snuggles. the kisses. the hugs. notes from my girl that say 'who could be a better mom?'.
cuz i know before i'm ready, it's all gonna be a memory from many blog posts back.
so i'm thankful for today. and i'm gonna lay by my girl for a bit every night she asks me to. cuz i don't do it enough. gonna make sure to chase, tackle, and tickle my little man at least once a day, too. cuz i can. :-)

thanks for reading. make sure to say yes to that one thing your kiddo always asks you to do. cuz pretty soon they won't ask any more and you'll wish you had said yes more often.
nite. :-)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

starting new. again.

Ok, yes, it's been a really long time since I've been on this blog. After watching several friends in the last few days start a blog for their family or pick up again on their long lost blog (glad I'm not alone), I felt drawn to continue ours. So, for all you friends and family that live far away from us (which is about 75% of our relationships these days...cheers for the Air Force)....here's tid bits and up dates from our family of four in a web friendly way that doesn't involve Facebook!

So here's my goal. One post a week. I think I can handle that! And I promise each post will have a picture. Since pictures of cute kids and other random things are probably much more entertaining than any words I have to say, I'll try to keep my talking to a minimum. If that's possible for me. ;-)

With that said, I can't really start blogging again without a picture, right??? So here ya go. This is a picture of ice on the INSIDE of our windows this week. I guess -14 degrees and a lot of hot air will do that, right??? :-)

Oh, and while you are here check out the old posts below.....they are from almost TWO YEARS AGO!!!!