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Friday, January 6, 2012

the name of the babe in my belly is......

Finding a name we both love has never been an easy task for us.  Partly because we both have very different tastes in names, and partly because we think it really is a hard task for anyone!

Kassidy Lynn
Kassidy was the ONLY name the two of us agreed on!  Turns out is was quite appropriate, too, because the meaning of Kassidy is "clever" or "curly haired girl."  We've also heard "with freckles" added to that meaning.  Pretty much spot on!  We loved the name because it was not common.  We changed the spelling to a "K" just to give it an even more unique flavor.  Her middle name is "Lynn," after her late Grandma Diane Lynn.

Landon Caleb
The name Landon came a little easier - we really like the name and knew absolutely NO ONE with the same name (except a guy on a reality show, haha).  Well, him and Michael Landon.  No, we didn't name him after Michael (though I have often been mistaken for Melissa Gilbert from Little House on the Prairie...haha).  We just really loved the name and loved that it wasn't over popular.  Which is funny, because it's now #36 in the top 100 of US names.  Go figure!  His middle name, Caleb, means "whole hearted faith."  We chose this name mostly because of the meaning, but also because of the way it sounded with Landon. 

Both Kassidy and Landon were named in the womb.  As soon as we knew their gender after the main ultrasound it was never more than 24 hours before we were 100% on a name.  Some might call that good planning and efficient decision making skills.  I would call it crazy obsessive.  :-)  I don't know, though - there is something about putting a name to the little guy inside me that seems to be attempting to bruise every part of my insides.  :-)  We call him by name already.  And his name was BY FAR the hardest for us to find of the three name searches we've done.  We had a girls name picked out from the start - "Brynn Abigail."  Neither of us were happy with a single boys name we heard.  If we really liked it, several of our friends had already used it that live close to us now, and that would just get confusing.  So when we came across "Braydon," it was love at first sight.  Literally.  We've heard it before, yes.  But hearing it when you are looking for that perfect name is so different.  I saw the name and knew it was just right.  I went straight downstairs and said to Greg "I found our little boys name.  Braydon."  He grinned ear to ear - and said he loved it.  Perfect!!  Greg has always loved the name Joshua, and suggested it for the middle name.  We love the meaning - "God is Salvation."  And Joshua in the Bible was a leader, and we hope that for our youngest child.  And Braydon Joshua just sounds complete.  We love it.  And yes, we spelled it with an "-on" to match the end of his brothers name.  Landon and Braydon just works together.  :-)

So, there it is.  Our newest baby boy's name and how we came to it.  We are thrilled beyond measure to meet this little guy! 

We love you, Braydon Joshua!!!