::because the little moments go by too fast::because pictures and memories are meant to be shared::because so many of our family and friends live a little too far away::

Thursday, April 23, 2009

sleepy boy

The kids started soccer a few weeks ago. On this particular day it worn Landon out! He dropped his nap about a month ago but on occasion needs a little extra shut eye during the day. So in the last few weeks I've gotten several "sleeping wherever I'm tired enough to sleep" shots. He falls asleep in random places at random times now. But if we put him down for nap - he sleeps too long and ends up staying up way too late that night! And I have much enjoyed the few random moments I get to stare at my sleeping baby....and of course take his picture.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

{super heroes}

Spiderman, Superman, Optimus Prime, and the 'bad' Spiderman.....you name it, we got it! When we visited my sister's place back in February (I KNOW I have been horrible at blogging lately!) the kids had a blast together. It's so neat to see them a bit more grown and able to play together so well. Here they are....and yep, Kassidy fits in well the boys. As girly as she is she can still hang with the heroes.....:D

{kassi & bryce}

Bryce is Kassidy's friend from Albuquerque. We had the chance to go back and visit them....k&b got along just as well after almost a year from seeing one another. Can't wait to visit again! :)