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Friday, September 28, 2012


our sweet little man is five months old.

we call him braydon.


sweet b.

little b.


pork chop. (i was called this as a baby, being quite chubby myself. so it is only fitting to pass the name on to him).

five months old.

wow.  that came fast!

he's one of the happiest babies ever - much like his big brother was.

he's one of the most sensitive babies ever - much like his big sister was.

he's rolling over.


mimiking sounds.

sitting unassisted for just a bit.

waking 1-4 times a night. (this bothers me sometimes.  but then i see his sweet sleepy face and he smiles a sleepy smile and i realize this is the time we have together, just him and i, with no other distractions...and i thank God that he is still waking up.  crazy, i know.  but so true.).

he's SUPER cuddly.  hugs, nuzzles, snuggles...he's full of them. 

i.absolutely.love.this.part.of.him.  LOVE.  snuggles are the way to my heart.

he isn't a fan of the car, though we've discovered music helps.

he weighed 18lbs at his last appt and has likely gained more.

his thighs are SCRUMPTIOUS!  people stop us to touch them.  no joke.

he has long beautiful eyelashes like his big brother.

he has soft, creamy, light, sensitive skin like his big sister.

he loves to skype with daddy. he smiles so big when daddy talks.

he hasn't tried 'real' food yet, though he will very soon.  for now, it's visibly obvious mama's milk does the job just fine! 

he likes to be in on all the action, wants to be near us always. 

he loves his bro & sis, especially when they are silly with him.

he smiles at people even when they aren't even looking at him.

he loves the dog.

he is a charmer - watch out ladies (jocelyn and faith, that's you!)

he is precious.  simply precious.

sweet b, you enlarge the size of our hearts
                                          a little bit more every day. 

happy five months, little chunker...


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