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Friday, September 21, 2012


Back in June, Greg and I (and our sweet baby b at only 1.5 months old) flew out to Portland for a friend's wedding.  During our trip we drove up to see Gramps, in Hoodsport, WA.  The afternoon we spent with him was simply wonderful.  He is Greg's grandpa, and the only living grandparent left on Greg's side.  Being able to travel to see him so that he could meet Braydon was so special.  It was tons of fun to spend time with him at his favorite local restaurant (where I had fried fish & chips for the first time EVER...and LOVED them!!), and to visit his old home where Greg has many memories visiting as a child.  Here are a few pictures from our afternoon with Gramps. Looking forward to getting back out there with all three kiddos!

I love this first one SO much.  See the next picture to see what he was taking a picture of.  The two of us were bent over into the bush together just to get a picture of a ladybug.  :-)

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